Introduction to Arthritis

» Introduction to Arthritis
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Physical Therapy for Arthritis

For individuals who suffer from arthritis, the daily struggle to live pain-free can be almost insurmountable. This disease is an all too common ailment that causes those who have it both frequent and infrequent pain, inflammation, and stiffness of the joints leading to limited movement.

Despite the overwhelming toll that arthritis can take on you, it doesn’t mean that your life is now limited because of your condition. There are so many ways to not only increase your quality of life but take control back of that life!

If you find yourself struggling with arthritis either on an infrequent or daily basis, this portion of our website has been designed with you in mind! Apart from informing yourself about your condition, we also want to provide you with ways to take control of your condition.

Below, you will find several resources we have curated to help you live your best life. View the different forms of arthritis to best see what form matches your symptoms and how to treat those symptoms. Once completed, take a look at our rehabilitation page to determine your best course of action whether that be exercise or physical therapy.

If you have treated yourself at-home and are still feeling like more could be done, we here at Hicksville Physical Therapy in Nassau County are here to help you rehabilitate yourself back to 100%!


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