Ankle injuries, despised by many, are one of the most common and debilitating injuries out there. Not only can an ankle injury cause you to be off your feet for extended periods of time due to further risk of injury, but they can lead to cancelled plans or putting away your favorite pair of shoes since you can no longer wear them.

For those Nassau County and Long Island individuals that are hurting due to a previous ankle injury, proper knowledge concerning not only the ankle itself, but physical therapy treatment is vital. If your ankle is not receiving the proper care that it deserves, the risk of reinjuring, or further injuring, your ankle increases exponentially.

Below, you will find details on our site that offer a variety of resources concerning your ankle ailment. There are details concerning not only the anatomy of your ankle to help pinpoint your injury location, but common ankle issues that could help you determine the exact injury you have sustained.

Beyond simply determining what your injury is, there are dedicated links focused on physical therapy exercises to restore your ankle to what it once was. There is also information on ankle surgery and whether or not surgical intervention may be the best route for you.

Once you determine what could be your individual issue, be sure to seek proper attention. Whether from a physical therapist in Nassau County or a surgeon, your ultimate goal should be to restore your ankle to 100%.

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