Commonly agreed to be a serious injury, if not the most serious, a hip injury is no small matter to simply wave off. If left unaddressed in the beginning, a hip injury can lead to a wide range of lasting health issues that are much harder to solve. Individuals who participate in high contact sports such as rugby and football are at a higher risk for hip injuries as opposed to individuals participating in other sports. While athletes are at a higher risk, hip injuries can happen by accident to any person regardless of age or activity level. Such an injury can be the result of a fall or unnatural leg movement. To prevent an accidental hip injury, it is important that you have all the necessary information so that you know how to care for yourself.

This portion of our website will provide you with all of the information necessary to help keep your hips healthy and working correctly. You can view a breakdown of the hip’s anatomy, learn about common hip issues, and learn more about the process of hip surgery. We’ve also included some helpful exercises that can lead to reduced hip pain while you’re on your way to a more permanent solution.

The important thing to remember is that proper care now and quality overall health will go far in keeping your hips healthy as you grow older. Here at Hicksville Physical Therapy on Long Island, we are here to assist you with proper prevention against any and all hip injuries.

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