Being one of the most vital portions of your anatomy, your hands are essential for day-to-day functions but have a high potential of injury because they are used so regularly. Injuries to one or both of your hands will not only decrease your ability to execute normal tasks but can severely lower your quality of life to the point where you are less able to care for yourself. Don’t let this be the case.

Here at Hicksville Physical Therapy in Nassau County, we have designed this portion of our website to provide you with information concerning hand injuries and how to prevent them. By following our articles, proper hand injury prevention can help you keep your life your own. Below, you’ll find valuable information about the anatomy of your hand, some typical hand issues that you might be experiencing, and the details of hand surgery. We’ve also provided some research articles that go more in-depth into the most common hand issues.

Remember that injuries can occur regardless of your activity level. Whether you’re an athlete who enjoys contact sports or are an everyday person who simply needs your hands in proper working order to successfully do your day job, don’t let a hand injury set you back. After reviewing the information below, speak with a professional to begin crafting a personalized recovery plan. Hicksville Physical Therapy is here to ensure that you keep your hands safe and ready to go regardless of the activity.

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