Fibromyalgia, while not as well-understood as other medical conditions, is nothing to shake your head at. Containing the Greek root word “algia,” meaning pain, it stands to reason that fibromyalgia is no laughing matter. This medical issue, while very common and spoken about frequently, is still misunderstood by the general population.

To simplify things, fibromyalgia is pain. The medical condition causes the patient’s body to be in varying amounts of pain, specifically near joints, for many of their waking hours.

Adding to this, apart from the varying levels of pain, fibromyalgia makes its afflicted weary most of the time and leaves them unable to participate in their favorite activities and lead a normal life. More often than not, day-to-day activities are either a strain, or completely unbearable, to someone with this disease.

Despite this terrible condition, there is still reason for hope. Individuals have been known to make a full recovery from this terrible illness. Our goal here at Hicksville Physical Therapy is to help guide individuals suffering from fibromyalgia to better days and find some form of relief through both general counseling and medical advice.

Being stricken with fibromyalgia does not mean that each day has to be miserable. With physical therapy, you can not only feel better, but you have an opportunity to live your life pain-free and get back to the activities that you once loved!

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