Being one of the most sensitive portions of the anatomy, the knee has the possibility to be injured regardless of your activity level. Since your knee is so regularly vulnerable, an action as small as twisting the incorrect way can cause an extreme injury that could result in continuous issues. Because of the high risk of injury as well as lingering issues, the recovery time for a knee injury can be rather lengthy. Whatever your activity level is, it is important to not take any risks with your knees.

On this portion of our website, you will find all of the information you’ll need to not only stop a knee injury before it occurs but also to care for and rehabilitate it if it does happen. Here at Hicksville Physical Therapy on Long Island, our goal is to give you all the information possible so that you may educate yourself on how easy it is to injure this extremely sensitive part of your body. On this page, we’ve included links for you to learn about the anatomy of the knee, prevalent knee issues you may be suffering from, details about knee surgery procedures, and exercises that can help reduce your knee pain.

By taking the appropriate precautions against injury, individuals at every activity level will have a higher quality of life and will most certainly avoid rehabilitation and the time spent nursing yourself back to health. Being proactive can ensure that you continue to maintain healthy knees and can participate in your favorite activities for years to come.

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