Impact “It’s about the positive impact I make on all my patients’ lives”, says Daniel Oest. Dan has always been a very motivated individual who sets standards superceding all others. Every stepping stone of his life has been geared toward one thing, helping others. Dan has given the term, “One person can make a difference” a whole new meaning. He is a young man with a solid education and a fresh, open mind. “I don’t measure my success by the car I drive or the house I live in, but by the people I impact”.

Rebuilding lives Since the tragic events of 9/11/01, energies have been focused on rebuilding the lives and hard work lost in the WTC. Dan has volunteered his services and developed a prevention program entitled “Engineer Ergonomics”. A comprehensive presentation was delivered to the Engineering Department of the NY-NJ Port Authority in January of 2003 to help minimize employee work related injuries.


University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Masters degree in Physical Therapy

Baccalaureate of the Sciences

Member:    APTA

Certification: CPR and AED Certified

Research: Sports Injuries, Headache Management, Low Back Pain and its correlation with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Osteoporosis, Ergonomics, Plyometrics training, Ultrasound efficacy, and Vestibular Dysfunctions.

What about the fun?

I believe all Physical Therapists should live an active healthy lifestyle. On my free time, you’ll find me running, hitting the gym, playing a friendly game of basketball, flag football, bowling and occasionally some golf if you don’t mind wearing a helmet when it’s time for “tee off.”

What’s next?

Dan is a man of many ideas.  Whether its ideas of implementing prevention wellness programs, inspiring individuals to learn how to become more active in their lifestyle, or training high school athletes to improve agility.  Anyone can accomplish their goals and learn how to “add life to their years” with a little help from a therapist that cares.

Move Better Feel Better

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