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Physical Therapy

Welcome to Hicksville Physical Therapy

Our office is a high quality and patient-focused personalized approach for your health, recovery, well-being and individual needs are the only concerns of our caring, motivated and professional staff. Since being established over 15 years ago, our perfected techniques and physical therapy treatments have achieved some of the best patient outcomes in the region.

Leading edge technology is employed in all our treatments, especially in our advanced spinal decompression and Summus laser therapy treatments. Summus Medical Laser treatments are powerful, therapeutic and scientifically proven to treat a multitude of conditions ranging from tendonitis/bursitis, arthritis, as well as, nerve and disc related injuries. Hicksville Physical Therapy’s expertise and leading edge technology will be your last stop on the road to a healthier lifestyle.


Hicksville Physical Therapy offer HANDS-ON, One-on-One treatments for each individual in order to expedite your recovery. With our Long Island, NY location in Hicksville, we provide a very comfortable, personable, and family oriented atmosphere. Custom supervised exercise programs are developed based on initial examination findings and accommodated toward your individual needs.

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