Laser Treatments

Innovative Laser Light Treatments

What it does: Acute Inflammatory Reduction, Accelerate tissue healing, and pain reduction.  It is painless and has no side-effects.

The FDA has recently cleared multiple laser and LED devices for treatment of a variety of medical conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, generalized muscle pain and acceleration of wound healing. Governmental agencies such as NASA are currently using technical light therapy for medical conditions in space applications. The U.S. Olympic training facilities have just released statements of endorsement for laser therapy for athletes. All of these events validate the growing acceptance in mainstream medicine for the medical efficacy of laser therapy as a viable, often superior therapeutic treatment modality.

With over 200 clinical studies. many of which are double-blind, placebo-controlled,  and in excess of 2000 published articles on LLLT, this innovative new technology has a well-documented research and application history. Having grown far beyond its distant Institutional Review Board (IRB) and experimental treatment status, LLLT is now being considered a therapy of choice for many difficult pain management challenges such as fibromyalgia and myofascial pain. New and ongoing clinical investigations offer growing potential for even more widespread applications of this truly unique light therapy.

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