While adults can accurately pinpoint their source of pain for a physician or physical therapist, young children are typically unable to do so, making it much more difficult to determine what exactly is wrong with a child and how to best correct the situation. Additionally, since children are continuously growing, it is vital for a parent or caregiver to know how addressing pediatric issues can lead to a healthier lifestyle for that child.

As with any form of care for children, parents or guardians will want to ensure that proper and beneficial care is provided. The last thing any parent wants is to have to worry that their child is not receiving the proper care just because the child cannot verbalize the care that they need.

Here at Hicksville Physical Therapy in Long Island, this portion of our website has been crafted to help parents, extended family, and guardians to know how to keep their child happy and pain-free. On this section of our website, you will find all of the resources you will need to support your child and care for them properly despite their age or physical activity level.

Hicksville Physical Therapy’s mission is to provide a wide variety of resources that cover an even bigger range of pediatric issues to ensure your child can live their life the way that a child should!

We provide a variety of physical therapy treatments in Long Island and the surrounding areas.

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