Injuries to the wrist are extremely common due to the simple fact that we use this joint in conjunction with our hands for a variety of activities. Our wrists also experience a portion of high impact situations. When we fall, we have a natural tendency to place our hands in front of us in a brace position. This is done an attempt to stop ourselves from falling, so unfortunately, our wrists bear the brunt of the impact when we do fall.

Other injuries come in the form of overuse. Overuse injuries often occur in workplaces where jobs involve repetitive motions. These types of motions can include typing on a keyboard or performing the same motion over and over again on an assembly line in a factory. Additionally, sports injuries involving the wrist are also common and are capable of happening in a variety of sports. These types of injuries commonly keep players away from the sports while they are healing.

In order to better help you with understanding various types of wrist injuries, the rehabilitation that goes into healing them, and the variety of ways to keep them from happening to you, we’ve constructed a wide array of resources for you to peruse and utilize as needed. Here at Hicksville Therapy in Nassau County, we truly hope you find our resources helpful. If any questions should arise during your research, please feel free to reach out to us here at Hicksville Physical Therapy and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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