According to most physicians, the human body contains approximately 650 muscles. These muscles are responsible for everything you do, whether it is walking, smiling, or holding your arms out in front of you. Because your muscles are so vitally important, an injury can not only jeopardize your quality of life but keep you from doing the things you love the most. When an injury such as this is not properly rehabilitated, the injury can continuously reoccur and keep you sidelined that much longer. This is why diagnosing an injury early, along with proper care, is critical to keeping you on your feet and doing what you love most.

On this portion of our website, you will be able to educate yourself about injuries to your muscles that are all too common, as well as review information to help you prevent these types of injuries from occurring. We’ve provided information on muscle strains, myositis ossificans, and muscle cramps, with even more information coming soon. Start by reviewing the links below, then speak with a physical therapist about your specific concerns. You can then work together to craft a personalized recovery plan that will get you back to enjoying your everyday activities pain-free.

With 650 muscles in the body, it is almost guaranteed that one will be injured at some point in your life. Prepare yourself now so that, when it does happen, you can properly manage your injury and help speed up your recovery process.

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