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Physical Therapy for Upper Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck issues are one of the more common ailments we see at Hicksville Physical Therapy along with other extensive injuries or as individuals age. The neck and upper back help to provide proper posture, and when these areas are in pain, you’re sure to notice. Chronic pain in these areas is unfortunately common, but luckily, there are solutions to your discomfort.

Upper back and neck pain can be caused by a number of conditions. Some of these conditions you may already be familiar with, such as whiplash or scoliosis. However, there might be a cause to your pain that you haven’t considered or perhaps have never even heard of. Scheuermann’s Disease, Dropped Head Syndrome, and Cervical Spinal Stenosis are a few examples.

The good news is that these neck and back conditions can be treated through either surgery or physical therapy. With the right team of professionals behind you, you’ll be well on your way to a pain-free life in no time! This page provides tons of resources for you to learn more about what may be causing your upper back and neck issues.

You’ll first find an outline of the cervical spine anatomy which can help you to pinpoint exactly where your pain is. The second page listed below defines several upper back and neck issues that could be the cause of your suffering. Finally, you’ll find a page about upper back and neck surgery with helpful information to determine whether surgery is right for you.

Once you’re ready, the team here at Hicksville Physical Therapy in Nassau County is eager to help you!


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